Our investment in Simbulus

We’ve recently invested in Simbulus the makers of Woot Math. Located in Boulder, CO, the company is building a software application that we believe will revolutionize the way that kids learn math. We’ve long believed that current education methodologies are archaic. The process of education seems to be one of the last markets that have […]

Our Investment in Mattermark

Last week we led a $6.5 million investment in Mattermark. Based in San Francisco, Mattermark’s mission is to organize the world’s business information to answer questions about the companies you want to do business with. While there have been numerous efforts over the last 20 years to organize detailed private company data on the Internet, […]

Our Investment in Spare5

We are pleased to announce we have invested in Spare5.  The company is building a software platform that allows experts to monetize their spare time via mobile device. As our newest theme “Marketplace” evolves, we think about underserved markets that should be working together, but through lack of technology are not.  We have a special […]

Our Investment In Ello

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve co-led (along with Techstars’ Bullet Time Ventures and with participation from FreshTracks Capital) a Series A financing for Ello, a new and disruptive social network. Based in Burlington, Vermont and founded and run by our long time friend Paul Budnitz, Ello is basing their business on a fundamentally different […]