Our Investment in about.me

We are pleased to announce that we’ve co-led the $11m Series B funding of about.me. Based in San Francisco, about.me is a platform for representing personal identity online allowing users to create and maintain a curated page for self-expression. For examples, take a look at Brad Feld, Seth Levine, Ryan McIntyre, and Jason Mendelson. We […]

Our Investment in Nix Hydra

Today we’re pleased to announce our Series A investment in Nix Hydra. Nix Hydra is a software entertainment company dedicated to creating fun, interactive products for young women on new and emerging technology platforms. The studio’s debut game, Egg Baby, is a virtual pet egg that hatches into a variety of gift-giving creatures depending on […]

Our Investment in Distil Networks

We are pleased to announce that we’ve co-led Distil Networks’ Series A financing, along with Techstars’ Bullet Time Ventures. Based in Arlington, VA, Distil Networks provides advanced bot detection and mitigation capabilities to its customers on public and private clouds. The term “bot” refers to an automated software program that runs over the internet and […]

Our Investment in Rachio

We’re happy to announce our latest FG Angels investment in Rachio. Rachio has created a device called “Iro” which is a smart irrigation controller that is powered by intelligent cloud-based software and is controlled via an intuitive, lightning-fast iPhone and Android app or web-dashboard. Iro is incredibly easy to install and set up, replacing only the […]