Foundry Group Beer!

Today we are releasing our first batch of Foundry Group beer: the Liquidation Preference Spring Equinox Ale. As many of you know, we are serious beer nerds at Foundry Group – if you need further proof, check out Ryan’s photolog of the beers he’s enjoyed over the years. Way back in the stone ages of the early 90s, Ryan even used to brew his own beer.

We decided that a cool perk for our LPs, portfolio company founders and CEOs and would be to create a batch of Foundry Group beer and send these members of the Foundry Group family a 22oz bomber of beer.

So we teamed up with TechStars and Foundry Group portfolio alum Matt Galligan (and serious home brewer) to brew and bottle a batch of beer at his home in San Francisco. Consider this our first foray into the world of biotech – yeast fermentation is of course the first example of humans harnessing the power of biotechnology.

We hope folks enjoy it! See below for a cool video Matt put together of the brewing process, just to verify that only yeast, hops and barley we harmed during the process.

Brew. from Matt Galligan on Vimeo.


  • John Minnihan

    “Not responsible for any stupid investments made while consuming”

  • Brandon Marker

    Increase the alcohol content on a small batch and release a “value added” label 😉

  • arinewman

    love it! great video guys. hope to taste the beer sometime. nice “value add” by @foundrygroup and @mg:twitter 

  • Natty Zola

    Yum! Great name too.

  • Misha

    We’re a San Diego startup building a device to track fermentation, it’s like FitBit but for your beer.

    Would you have a few minutes to give us feedback?

  • Rick Bentley

    How do I add to cart?

    • bfeld

      Hah! Maybe next batch.

  • Andy Blackstone

    Clearly ready for a second round…..

  • Ryan Khoury

    I love craft beer!  So much more interesting.

  • Robert Dewey

    First the photo on the homepage of the Foundry Group was some suits sitting around drinking whiskey / bourbon / scotch / possibly apple juice or colored water, and now it’s some claymation looking guys drinking beer. Definitely some party animals up in here.

    • bfeld

      Wait until you see the next one!

  • William Mougayar

    You guys know how to have fun! 

  • James Ferguson @kWIQly

    Strange – I wonder “What brought me here?”
    … Strange – a blog,  that mentions beer !
    A post of mine that mentions beer,
    might draw the people away from here!

    Sorry – couldn’t resist – enjoy the fruits of your labour !

  • Ryan Khoury

    A buddy of mine actually bought 24 bottles of 2012 120min IPA from dogfish head.  He and i are going to share a bottle of it every year for the next 24 years.  I’m pumped!!

  • Abdallah Al-Hakim

    this is brilliant – maybe future beer labels can feature different startup logos

  • Jos

    Craft Beer and startups can have a lot in common. I launched a brewery last year and we took cues from my prior games background to run a ‘rapid prototype’ phase. Fail fast, fail often! We brewed and released 24 different beers in 24 weeks, collecting feedback on ‘review coasters’ in just one bar. And we used the exact same brew kit that you did the Foundry beer on! Much better to have a dud with 50L than several thousand!

    If anyone is interested, here are the beers we produced: 

    Maybe the Foundry Brew Team is up for a collaboration brew? 😛

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  • Dan Conway

    So awesome. Love the label.

  • Tschesnok

    send these members of the Foundry Group family a 22oz bomber of beer” So my beer is on the way? Sweet!

    • bfeld

      I’m surprised Jason didn’t show up with it last night so he could share it with you!

  • Jason Champion

    Just had a taste thanks to working at one of your portfolio companies in Mountain View. Very good stuff, a nice nutty flavor and a good caramel sweetness. A tradition worth continuing. :)