Our Investment In FullContact

Last night FullContact announced that we have led their $7m financing. We are psyched to be an investor in another great company that has gone through the TechStars Boulder program. Brad will be joining the board.

FullContact has a straightforward goal – solve the world’s contact information problem. Right now there is no “single version of truth” for an individual contact and as more and more systems use and proliferate fragments of contact records, things are just getting worse. The problem is not merely collecting and presenting contact information, but cleaning up the data, enriching it, de-duplicating it, validating it, and making it easily accessible in any context.

Imagine a unified address book in the cloud that has perfect information for every single person with a contact record of any type. This unified address book is continually updated, cleansed, enriched, and validated. And while users can update their own contact information if they chose, this system doesn’t and shouldn’t rely on individuals to update their data. It integrates with every web-based or mobile application that uses any sort of contact data. And it is available to every developer via an API.

This is what FullContact has set out to create. They’ve made incredible progress on this and we look forward to helping them on their journey.

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  • Interested in trying it out! How is this different or complement of Fred Wilson’s Brewster App?

    • My impression is there is some overlap but they are going after different problems. Hopefully over time Brewster uses FullContacts data via the FullContact API.

  • Please, please, please FullContact, fix this problem. Every one of us will be eternally grateful and heap massive amounts of praise and financial reward at your feet!

  • Congrats Fullcontact (and Foundry) – will be an awesome combination!

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