Foundry Group urges Boulder to VOTE NO on 300 and 301


This year’s local election in Boulder is a critical one. The city that we love risks shutting its doors. While the business community in Boulder has contributed immeasurably to the vibrancy, charitable contribution base, economic development, and success of our community, there is a faction in Boulder that feels that our city should stop moving forward and instead should live in the past. This faction believes in a less inclusive Boulder and aims to achieve this goal by literally shutting the doors to our city.

This is what is behind propositions 300 and 301 which are proposed amendments to the city’s charter.   

This faction is well organized and well funded and the slogans make it sound reasonable.  But make no mistake:  the goal is to immediately freeze all development of all types around the city by enveloping the city a bundle of political red tape.  

In the coming days, Boulder residents will be asked to vote on the following:

#300 – Neighborhood Right to Vote on Land Use Regulation

#301 – New Development Shall Pay Its Own Way

These initiatives must be voted down.

While innocuous sounding, the names of these initiatives completely misrepresent their intent and the dire consequences that would result if they are enacted. The truth is that neighborhoods already do have a say in projects that affect them, and developers already do pay some of the highest fees and taxes in the country.  

Effectively, these proposals will create 60+ neighborhoods in Boulder.  Can you imagine what would happen if we had that many homeowner associations that had the power to hold special elections and veto land use changes approved by city council? The smallest of those neighborhoods would be comprised of just 19 houses. That’s not “local control” (which already exists), that’s a deliberate attempt to create gridlock.

These initiatives will immediately freeze important infill development, including affordable housing, transit-oriented development, neighborhood serving retail, social service centers, and day care centers. The city manager has stated that the city will stop issuing permits of any kind for at least six months while they figure out what these initiatives mean and how to implement them. Once they do start reissuing permits, these initiatives will force the city to levy such high taxes and fees that development will effectively stop in Boulder. This will stop our city in its tracks and greatly exacerbate an already expensive housing market.

These measures are opposed by six former mayors, all nine City Council members, numerous former city council members, Boulder Housing Partners, The Daily Camera, and numerous civic groups like Open Boulder, the Boulder Chamber, Better Boulder,  and others.  Open Boulder executive director Andy Schultheiss has called them “among the worst pieces of public policy I’ve seen in almost 25 years of observing and participating in local policy-making.”

It’s critically important that we defeat these measures. To do that we need to get the word out to those in our community who want Boulder to continue to be a vibrant city. The sad irony is that those promoting these measures have the time and organization to put towards pressing their backward and closed agenda while many who oppose it are busy helping keep Boulder prosperous by creating jobs and economic growth.

This is a battle we can’t afford to lose. Please take a minute to help us get the word out. Send it to your friends via email and social media. Urge your neighbors to vote and make sure you vote yourself. With ballots mailed out this week many in our community will be voting in the next seven days (over 50% of ballots are returned within a week of their being sent out).


Seth, Jason, Brad, Ryan


Below are some suggested tweets or Facebook posts should you chose to share them:

Tweet: i agree with @foundrygroup. 300 and 301 will have devastating effects on boulder. VOTE NO on both! #keepboulderopen

Tweet: i stand for keeping the doors to boulder open. VOTE NO on 300 and 301. #keepboulderopen

Tweet: In Boulder’s upcoming election we’ll decide if we want to live in the past or continue to thrive. #keepboulderopen


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  • Ed Byrne

    The Foundry Group gets just say “no” to 300 and 301 exactly right with an explanation that is clear and concise.

  • channel_one_networks

    Ohh Boy. I love your little business cult here. Foundry Group and Tech Stars are different cults but same gurus. Boulder has a had a lot of cults. We had the Moonies…. In 1980 there were more than 100 cults here. In fact the center for Cult information was located here. Boulder had a lot of de-programmers here . In 1995 PPS did a two part series on therapy cults and mind control cults. Boulder was one of the featured cities. That pbs series ended the careers of a lot of shrinks .. including John Bradshaw and Anne Wilson shaef..but I digress. I know you fellows just moved here and you don’t know a lot about our city cause you have been busy building companies…. good… you need to stay busy.

    After the gold and silver rush of the 1870s.. after the Indian wars and Sand creek Massacre.. Boulder decided that we wanted to protect our natural beauty. It became a University city. Somewhere around 1905 when all the great national Parks were being considered, Boulder took steps to ensure slow growth no growth policies. We built a huge university and then in the 1950s through the 1990s we built very large government labs. Out east just past Gunbarrel we built an IBM plant for 6500 people. It is still there.. and that is where you should be looking. Look at gunbarrel and the IBM park for what you want to build. A lot of us would be interested in that. But if you think that you are going to bust the Boulder master Plan or Danish Plan or Boulders historic design for living, think again.

    It is a poor business decision. People in this city are so pissed off at the city council , city manager and planning department for congesting the downtown area with office buildings……. Mark my words: after this election.. the city manager will be fired, there will be a new no growth council, the planing chair will be fired.. You will think you have entered the dark ages. That new Google facility will go on halt..

    Think about moving east to gunbarrel and to IBM. That is our office park. or you can spend day and night bitching and complaining about what is unreachable.. you know better than that. Some companies get so pissed off with us they just fucking move to Broomfield or Denver..

    A lot of people who moved here to get away from “density…urbanization…. development…. growth… mass transit…. big city” right .? that is why you moved here.

    Bob Wells Boulder reporter calls your blog post delusional. Paul Danish calls your plans insane.. You have 1000s of Boulder citizens who now have a lazer light on you four guys and your businesses. You are not going to be able to get away with shit here. and so it goes. make the smart play…. flow with the stream… move it all east.
    Jann Scott

    • Azalia Anasazi

      Thanks Scott for your insight. There was an ambiguous line of discretions taken to blurr what this platform is truly about. I believe CU, was intended to save the mountain ridge from big investors making money off populations of people and dismantling any form of government along with disenfranchising people or citizens. Sometimes we have to do the Cha-Cha which means step back to go forward.
      Progressive is not always the cure, at times it can be like a wet band-aid that does’t stick upon adhesion.
      Many developers do not maintain; yet, demand or command constant flux towards their investments. The old tool box expression is if it is broke fix it….However, I sense that most should be advised to maintain what they do have before it is lost beyond what was more than “Enough.”

    • Huh?

  • BethAnn

    I’m fine voting against 300/301 if the city will stop threatening to increase occupancy limits and/or change zoning in my historic neighborhood. That is the fear and that is why lots of people will be voting for 300 to be sure. The city council has shown citizens that they are all about forcing density into existing neighborhoods and that is why you are seeing push back! Until we can get assurance from the city that they will leave existing neighborhoods alone, homeowners will be inclined to vote for 300 to protect their investment and quality of life.