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Atoms Are the New Bits

During our careers, we’ve invested in a number of companies that sell consumer-electronics devices. In the past several years, we’ve invested in companies like Sling Media, Pogoplug, Smith & Tinker, Pie Digital, Sifteo, and most recently, FitBit and Orbotix. In recent years it has become dramatically less expensive to design, build, and bring a consumer […]

Join us at Glue

At Foundry we organize our thinking about investing into what we call “themes”. The themes we pursue are horizontal in nature and are driven by underlying technology protocols and standards or emerging market trends and customer needs. Examples of the investment themes we are currently pursuing include Human Computer Interaction, Implicit Web, Email, Glue, and […]

What We Learned at CES

Foundry Group attended the latest incarnation of CES this past week and thought we’d give some of our thoughts on the show. In no particular order, here is “What We Learned at CES.” Don’t buy a television for the next 6 months. This is certainly counter to what retailers and producers would want us to […]

Politics and Music

It’s a scary thing to think of these two spending time together, but the political machine and the music industry have become strange bedfellows as of late. Specifically, we’ve been following the royalty negotiations and legislative actions surrounding Pandora. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Pandora, it’s an Internet music streaming company that […]