Our Investment in Castiron

We are passionate supporters of entrepreneurship in all its forms, and we know that we are but one option for founders looking to build their companies. In Moody’s YouTube channel, Venture Kills, and Seth’s book, The New Builders, they talk in depth about this and the huge promise that small business owners hold for the […]

Our Investment in Bolster

At Foundry, we’re building what we describe as a “network-first” strategy. The vast majority of our new investments come from a network of over 40 early-stage VC funds in which we are LPs. Through these investments, we are indirect investors in several thousand companies. We co-founded Techstars, which, as a worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs […]

Our Investment in Sofar

At Foundry, we care deeply about the planet. As hikers, runners, cyclists, skiers, sailors, and anglers, we love to play in the mountains and the oceans. We depend on the outdoors for not just recreation, but for the replenishment that time in nature can provide.  Our engagement in the outdoors and our involvement and support […]

Our Investment in LOOP

“I love my car insurance company.” Said no one, ever. Today’s car insurance market is broken. Underwriting practices are irrelevant and discriminatory. Customer service and claims-processing are slow. Brands are outdated (and cheesy). The behemoths of the $256 billion auto insurance industry are overlooking major demographic and cultural shifts. Enter, LOOP.  LOOP is car insurance […]