Introducing Mandy Howard

In February I joined Foundry as an Investor to identify and evaluate investment opportunities in our Partner Fund portfolios and continue to grow Foundry’s network of entrepreneurs and investors. I wanted to introduce myself and share what led me here. Curiosity, resourcefulness, and patience. The pandemic brought on a lot of reflection for me like […]

Our Investment in 8base

Standing up and managing full stack software development teams is hard and can be expensive. Founders are faced with a near endless set of decisions when building their technology platforms. 8base is making it easier and faster to write and deploy code with its suite of low-code tools for building data models, custom logic, APIs, […]

Our Investment in FloatMe

Most Americans live without an adequate financial safety net. According to a 2021 Bankrate survey, 25% have no emergency savings at all, and it’s estimated that as much as 69% of the population has less than $1,000 in savings. There are many reasons for this. Stagnant wages, increased cost of living, student loan debt, and […]

Our Investment in Castiron

We are passionate supporters of entrepreneurship in all its forms, and we know that we are but one option for founders looking to build their companies. In Moody’s YouTube channel, Venture Kills, and Seth’s book, The New Builders, they talk in depth about this and the huge promise that small business owners hold for the […]

Our Investment in Bolster

At Foundry, we’re building what we describe as a “network-first” strategy. The vast majority of our new investments come from a network of over 40 early-stage VC funds in which we are LPs. Through these investments, we are indirect investors in several thousand companies. We co-founded Techstars, which, as a worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs […]