Our Investment in ColdQuanta

We are excited to announce our Series A investment in ColdQuanta, alongside Maverick Ventures, Global Frontier Investments, and LCP Quantum Partners. ColdQuanta, based in our own backyard here in Boulder, Colorado, is the market leader in commercializing quantum atomics. Their Quantum Core™ technology is based on ultra-cold atoms:  lasers cool atoms to nearly absolute zero, […]

Foundry Is Hiring: Head of Network

We’re looking for a leader  to create a more robust, dynamic, and connected network program at Foundry Group. The Foundry Network, as we’ve been calling it, encompasses founders, CEOs, executives, general partners of our underlying venture capital fund investments, limited partners (our investors as well as other investors in the funds we have investments in), […]

Our Investment in Elevate Security

We are pleased to announce our recent investment in Elevate Security. We invested alongside our partner fund, Costanoa Ventures, and our friends at Defy. Based in Berkeley, California, Elevate is a human risk management platform for the enterprise. It empowers CISOs and their teams to leverage powerful, data-driven insights to influence employees to make better […]