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Our Investment in TeamSnap

We are pleased to announce that we’ve completed our initial investment in TeamSnap.  Located in Boulder, CO, TeamSnap is building a software platform that helps people manage groups that they belong to such as sports and hobby groups. With our portfolio company investments related to our Marketplace and Distribution themes, we’ve been consistently interested in […]

Foundry Group Announces Major Shift In Investment Strategy

(Boulder):  Today, Foundry Group, a venture capital firm that invests in U.S.-based seed and early stage technology companies announced, via video, a major change to their investing program.  Previously, the firm has focused on cutting edge technologies within their well-known investment themes.  Effective immediately, however, the firm will focus on more proven technologies that present less technology risk. “We […]

Our Investment in 3D Robotics

We’ve long felt that machines are taking over the world.  Given the rapid cost decreases in sensory components (brought upon, inpart, by the proliferation of smart phones and other mobile devices), it’s easier and cheaper than ever to construct hardware that can interact with the outside world in a fully or partially autonomous way. Over the past few years, we’ve kept close attention to one particular market of interest: unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).  We believe that the applications are nearly endless, but many have been cautious due to market and regulatory concerns.  Early […]