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A New Investment Theme? You Tell Us.

At Foundry Group, we spend a lot of time thinking about our Thematic Investing Approach.  We both rethink our current strategies within existing themes and also talk about what big picture and transformative trends are occurring that may lead to new themes. Previously, we’ve unearthed themes after we’ve made several initial investments in an area […]

Foundry Group’s AdTech Investing: Adhesive

We’ve written extensively about our thematic investment approach and a handful of our active themes, most recently our Distribution theme which we’ve been working on for several years but had yet to formalize and discuss publicly. Over the past few quarters, we’ve been thinking more about the online advertising investments that we’ve made over the […]

Theme: Distribution

As we’ve written about in the past, we use what we call a thematic approach to what we invest in. Our current themes are Human Computer Interaction, Glue, Digital Life, and Protocol. We’ve been hinting about two new themes that we’ve been investing in for a while – one that’s a derivative from our Glue theme (which we’ll discuss in […]

Atoms Are the New Bits

During our careers, we’ve invested in a number of companies that sell consumer-electronics devices. In the past several years, we’ve invested in companies like Sling Media, Pogoplug, Smith & Tinker, Pie Digital, Sifteo, and most recently, FitBit and Orbotix. In recent years it has become dramatically less expensive to design, build, and bring a consumer […]

Foundry Group Version 2.0

We are very happy to announce today the closing of our second fund, Foundry Venture Capital 2010, L.P. The fund is the same size as our last one: $225,000,000 in limited partner commitments. We are pleased to be working with a great group of investors. We will continue to do exactly what we have always […]