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Theme: Protocol

During a run several weeks ago, I was pondering the arc of several of our investment themes.  When we made our investment in Gist, we talked about it being at the intersection of our Email and Implicit Web themes.  It turns out to also include our RSS theme (which previously included investments in FeedBurner, NewsGator, […]

Email – The Original Social Graph

Reposted from Feld Thoughts. I’ve been an Internet email user since early 1984 when I got my first Project Athena account as an undergraduate at MIT.  Notwithstanding all the “email is dead” messages over the years, I continue to use email as my primary online communication mechanism.  There are an enormous number of things that […]

What Does Foundry Group Invest In?

Of all the questions that we get, this one is the most common: “What do you guys like to invest in?” Unlike many venture capital firms that invest in certain geographic regions or specific technologies and sectors, Foundry Group’s investing activity is largely driven by a thematic approach. The themes we pursue tend to be […]

Theme: Digital Life

As part of our ongoing discussion of the investment themes we focus on at Foundry Group, it is time to discuss digital life. Certainly anyone who is reading this blog post is living a digital life, and among the partners at Foundry Group, we are all gadget-lovers, early adopters of software and online services, part-time […]