We launched the Foundry Talent Network to help talented people find their next gig within the Foundry Network. Our goal is to connect job seekers with companies hiring in our network, which includes 800+ companies across the Foundry Group direct portfolio and the portfolio companies of our “Partner Funds”.

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Questions? please contact us at [email protected].

Current job openings in the Foundry Group direct portfolio can be viewed here.

If you’re looking for your next gig, click the link above to submit your information and be discoverable by folks in the Foundry Network.

By joining the Foundry Talent Network, your profile will be available to hiring professionals at companies within the Foundry Network, which includes our portfolio companies, our Partner Funds’ portfolio companies, and select outside tech companies and recruiters.

Hiring? Click the link above to access the Foundry Talent Network database. To request access, email [email protected].

By accessing the Foundry Talent Network database, you agree that it will be utilized only for the purpose of offering employment opportunities and not for any other purpose or solicitation.

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