The community of founders, CEOs, executives, GPs, and LPs that we’ve built at Foundry Group is our most important asset. The Foundry Network brings these groups together – both in person and virtually – because we know that together we can help create more successful businesses.

Foundry Network’s mission is to build relationships between and among Foundry portfolio founders and executives, our Partner Fund GPs, Foundry Partners, Foundry LPs, and other members of the Foundry ecosystem. We believe that mesh networks – unlike hub and spoke models – are the most efficient and effective way to facilitate the exchange of ideas, information, and resources across our community. Our goal is to connect people across our network in person, virtually, and through both large and small gatherings ranging from full-scale events to 1:1 interactions.

Who’s in the network?

The Foundry Network consists of founders and executives from the over 130 portfolio companies we’ve invested in, more than 30 other venture capital firms we’ve supported (what we call our “Partner Funds“) and an ecosystem of organizations like Pledge1%, B Corp, and others that comprise our community. If you’re in the Foundry Executive Network you can access the member portal here.

Why a Mesh Network?

Simply put, mesh networks are more powerful. We aim to get out of the middle and foster direct relationships between members of The Foundry Network. We strongly believe in the notion of Metcalfe’s Law – the power of a network increases exponentially with the number of nodes on that network. That’s certainly been our experience at Foundry.

Photo credit: People & Company