Through our website and blog we hope to give you an idea of the kinds of themes we’re actively investing in or exploring.

If you’re a serious entrepreneur or VC, you’ve undoubtedly already learned that the best way to reach out to a venture capitalist is through pre-existing relationships. Investing in companies and firms is really about investing in people, so having someone we trust (such as previously backed entrepreneurs, co-investors, service providers, or other people in our community) vouch for you is immensely helpful.

That said, we recognize that not all networks will intersect, so if your universe doesn’t currently overlap with ours, don’t let that deter you. You can send an email directly to any of us via our bios with an executive summary or description of your business/idea along with how you think we can help. Before reaching out to us, we strongly encourage you to look at our existing investments, check out our themes and read our blogs to make sure your opportunity is one that is relevant to our investment criteria. And yes, we’ve funded several entrepreneurs this way.